Let’s face it! Your ability to ship items on time and on budget is crucial to your e-commerce or retail business.

Each time you send out a package, your reputation is on the line. To get it right takes careful planning and preparation.

The good news is with research and the right supplies, you can boost your brand with every package out the door.

We’ve created a simple guide of must-have items to keep your brand growing with every shipment. Here’s our list of must-have wholesale shipping supplies for your business.

1. Corrugated Boxes

Small business e-commerce shipping depends on sturdy corrugated boxes for fragile shipping.

When shipping overseas, remember it’s not one size fits all. You must use appropriate box sizes to save on shipping costs. It should be one of your bulk shipping supplies.

2. Poly Mailers

Along with corrugated boxes, poly mailers are a standard packing option. They are an excellent alternative for non-fragile items.

Lighter than boxes, they also save space on a truck, saving you money on shipping costs. Bubble mailers are a great option that you should always have in stock. They make a choice when shipping clothing, books, and other materials.

3. Bubble Wrap and Cushioning Materials

Bubble wrap is essential. They are one of the top cushioning materials for e-commerce businesses. They are excellent for keeping fragile items secure.

Remember that less is more. Using too much bubble wrap can affect the weight of your package. That can lead to unnecessary shipping charges.

4. Packing Tape

Another essential item is packing tape. You should keep plenty of packing tape in stock. Durable packing tape plays a crucial role in keeping materials sealed and safe.

Make sure to buy packing tape in bulk, so you always have it on hand.

5. Plastic Wrap

Along with bubble tape, plastic wrap is essential for fragile items. It’s also a handy resource for sending baskets.

Good plastic wrap is temper and tear-proof. So it can add another layer of protection to your goods.

6. Biodegradable Air Pillows

Brands and shoppers are becoming more conscious of the environmental factors of shipping. Biodegradable air pillows let your customers know you support sustainable shipping. That is an important factor for many shoppers.

Biodegradable air pillows provide an added layer of protection for fragile items. It keeps them from moving during shipping.

7. Packing List Envelopes

It’s important to keep shipping documents safe. Packing list envelopes allow you to keep packing lists and invoices secure.

Adhesive packing envelopes are an excellent choice. You can attach them to your mailers for a seamless transition of shipping documents.

8. Shipping Labels

Shipping labels get used for every order. That means you should have them in abundant supply. Buy shipping labels in bulk to save money.

Remember to mark fragile items with the correct labels. That will ensure they meet compliance and regulations.

Use These Must-Have Supplies for Shipping Success

Wholesale shipping supplies are essential and must-have items for success. As an e-commerce store or online retailer, your shipping plays a huge part in your reputation.

To ensure shipping success keep these must-haves as bulk shipping supplies.

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