Total Box Bulk Boxes & Shipping Supplies

The stunning rise of e-commerce has ushered in a world more fueled by online shipments than ever before. Product manufacturers have access to a truly global target audience for the first time in history; with consumers ordering everything from clothing to appliances from everywhere across the globe.

For small business owners, this represents a unique opportunity — unlike their predecessors a couple of decades ago, they are no longer limited to shipping only near their location. Unfortunately, there’s another side of that coin — managing an online sales channel means a lot of work.

A small business owner needs to take care of everything from quality control to sales and marketing — with plenty of other logistical issues in between. For instance, you need to think about finding cheap shipping boxes for all of your outgoing goods; as well as other business shipping supplies.

What Shipping Supplies Does a Business Owner Need?

The shipping of goods can be one of the most tedious parts of running a small e-commerce business; unless you’re running a drop-shipping business that doesn’t involve handling the goods in practice.

If the business owner has to handle the packing and shipping of their products on their own — there are plenty of considerations to make in the process. Apart from dealing with your freight carriers like UPS or FedEx, the packing of all the products requires a detailed approach too.

Regardless of the distance that the goods will travel, they need to be properly protected with adequate packaging. Any shifting, jiggling, or movement of the items inside their boxes can lead to damage.

Firstly, all items need to be packed inside sturdy shipping boxes. However, a quality box is not enough; items must have enough padding to ensure that they don’t move around in transit. That means tissue paper or cotton filling as cushioning — as well as bubble wrap used to protect the surface of the items.

Getting quality supplies is imperative — but shipping supplies can become a significant part of the overhead costs without proper management. Luckily, there are solutions for getting those supplies at more affordable rates.

Bulk Purchases

The most obvious answer would be finding free shipping boxes. And while various local businesses might provide you with these, the ones you can get for free rarely have a uniform size — and you can’t customize them with your business’ logo and brand colors.

That’s why buying shipping boxes online is the most affordable solution. However, that’s only true if you’re getting bulk shipping supplies. It’s not difficult to predict the number of shipments you’ll make based on your previous volume — and then buying a year’s or a couple of month’s worth of shipping supplies for the future.

Online retailers of shipping goods like TotalBox provide small business owners with an opportunity to save a lot of money on shipping supplies through discounts on bulk purchases — not making use of it would be a mistake!